Instrument Training Devices


  • Small area footprint.
  • Can be accommodated in 1.8m x 2.5m room.
  • 180 degree visuals available.
  • Requires standard 230V power supply.
  • We recommend access to a high speed internet connection.

TP100 Instrument Trainer

This low cost, fixed base IFR trainer is designed for flying schools or home user to provide a simple yet versatile platform for IFR training.
Ergonomically correct controls based upon a light piston twin engine aircraft.
Includes terrain and airport data base.

It is certified and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand as a synthetic training device for:

  • 2 hours instrument time towards a PPL.
  • 5 hours instrument time towards a CPL.
  • 5 hours instrument time towards a B or C cat instructor rating.
  • 20 hours instrument time towards an instrument rating issue.
  • 2 hours towards currency for continued competency instrument rating.
  • NDB, VOR ILS/LLZ approach aid currency.
  • Cross country and associated approaches for continued competency of an instrument rating.
  • Additional aid GNSS Garmin 530.

The separate instructor station can be positioned near the sim.
It allows the instructor to set and control:

  • Airport and runway location.
  • Position of the aircraft: at gate, on runway end, 10 miles out on approach.
  • Pre set flights: upon sim start up the aircraft is positioned at a preferred gate or runway end.
  • Set weather: wind, cloud types and levels, visibility, precipitation, turbulence, icing, day, night.
  • Sim stop, pause and freeze.
  • Systems failures: engine, fire, avionics, navigation, undercarriage.
  • Control navigational aids and communications.
  • Tracking of flight.
  • Printout of track and flight profile along with event points eg; flap retract, gear down etc.
  • Speed up or slow down simulation rate.

Pricing starts at $25950 plus GST.

( Excludes shipping ex Christchurch and other local taxes, tariffs, and/or fees. )